The app to find any chord in any tuning for multiple stringed instruments in every fret position.

You can use this web app to find and learn playing chords completely free online. We would really appreciate if you want to be a part in the development of the chord finder. You do this by giving your feedback through the survey at the bottom of this page.

How to use the chord finder?

Search and select Chord

Click on the button displaying the current chord and a modal will open.

Select active chord button

The modal contains a search field where you can search for any chord. Below is the chords from the search results listed under catagories.

Search chord

When selecting a chord the application will compute and display the first found voicing starting from the lowest fret position.

Find Voicings

By clicking on a fret number button you will get a list of all possible voicings on the corresponding fret position. If there are no voicings for a particular fret the button for that specific fret will not be displayed.

Fret position

The voicings for the selected fret are listed in a scrollable view.

Found voicings

Select Root

To quickly change the root of the chord just click a key on the piano keyboard

Reversed functionality

With the "Detection button" clicked you can select notes on the fretboard and the app will tell you the name of the chord.

Reversed chord finder


Sampler settings

You can choose to playback the fretted notes simultaneously or in a sequence

Sampler and tuning settings


The possibility of selecting an instrument and alternative tuning is a really cool feature. When selecting an alternative tuning the application will compute every possible voicing for that particular tuning. Why not experiment and learn all voicings in DADGAD tuning? ;)


There is a option in the setting menu where notation can be changed between note name, finger position, interval, degree or midi id. When selecting finger position the numbering is as follows:

  • 1 - Index finger
  • 2 - Middle finger
  • 3 - Ring finger
  • 4 - Little/Pinky finger
Settings notation

Chord settings

By setting parameters such as "allow opens strings", you unbind or restrict the amount of possible voicings the algorithm will allow when computing.