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Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

The viral TikTok HIT "Monkeys Spinning Monkeys" has never been arranged for solo guitar before! This is a bouncy, humorous and uplifting song that everyone recognize, and it's perfectly suited for fingerstyle guitar! * 32 minute video lesson * 2 camera angles for a clear view of both hands * TABs and notation * Fast ending licks Let's play!

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In this 70 minute lesson, we will focus on 15 different JAZZ LINES. We will not only learn the licks, we will also learn what scales and arpeggios is used in all the examples.


You can find the I VI II V chord progression in almost every jazz standard out there! This is why we focus on learning how to play over those chord changes in this 73 minute lesson! TAB, notation and backing tracks is included! Here we go!


The minor II V I chord progression is one of the most common progressions in Jazz music. This is why we focus on learning how to play over those chord changes in this one hour lesson! TAB, notation and backing tracks is included! Let's get to work!


Learn arpeggios and how to use them when you're improvising!

Arranging For Fingerstyle Guitar

Arranging techniques and ideas that will guide you in the right direction!


This blazing fast fingerpicking version of the song "Auld Lang Syne" is a really fun arrangement! It's inspired by players like Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel and Merle Travis, and it's full of useful techniques and excellent licks! The lesson is 42 minutes long and includes TABs and notation! Enjoy!


This lesson features a crystal clear walkthrough of this amazing fingerstyle arrangement of "Avalon"! You'll learn both the arrangement as well as Emil's incredible solo. We also learn about useful scales, arpeggios and modes that enables us to improvise over the "Avalon" changes. This 60 minute video lesson features multiple camera angles, detailed TABs and notation and clear explanations to everything that's going on. Let's play!

Banjo Rolls for Guitar

This is an in-depth TWO HOUR lesson on right techniques that will enable you to solo over fast tempo songs, and give you tools and inspiration for a lifetime!

Boogie Woogie Blues

In this lesson, we're learning this super fun Boogie Woogie Blues in the key of E! We're not only learning all the parts and techniques, we're also learning about the scales and arpeggios that are used in this arrangement, and why those particular notes works so well in the context of the blues! You get TABs and notation for the whole arrangement, as well as clear explanations and two camera angles! Have fun!

Bugle Call Rag

Gareth Pearson a.k.a "The Welsh Tornado" is teaching this wonderful fingerstyle arrangmenet of the "Bugle Call Rag"! One of the most fun and exciting arrangements in this style! This arrangement contains incredible lines and interesting techniques! Enjoy!

Charlie Parker Lines VOL 1

To study the masters is essential if you want to become a better Jazz guitarist. In this lesson we focus on 10 different Charlie Parker lines in the key of C major, and how you can implement all these ideas into your own vocabulary!

Charlie Parker Lines VOL 2

In this lesson, we're learning incredibly useful Charlie Parker Lines in the minor tonality. This lesson is made for everyone who wants "Jazz Up" their playing with some incredible bebop lines and phrasing!

Chord Inversions

This two hour lesson will open up the world of chords and inversions for you! Accurate TABs and notation, great sounding backing tracks and high video quality!

Christmas songs

Learn how to play some of the most iconic Christmas songs in awesome fingerstyle arrangement.

Counterpoint Licks

What is ”counterpoint”? Counterpoint can be two (or more) lines being played at the same time, moving in different directions and creating beautiful harmony! In this lesson, we're focusing on learning amazing counterpoint licks that will add an extra dimension to your playing!

Country Guitar Soloing Concepts

In this lesson, we're focusing on different concepts that will help us become better improvisers in this style. How to use the major pentatonic scale over each chord, how to use the mixolydian mode over each chord, how and where to use chromatics, open string licks and more! Accurate TABs and notation for all the solos, licks and scales. You also get GREAT sounding backing tracks that you can use when practicing these concepts.

Danny boy

Beautful Jazzy version of "Danny Boy"! (Also called "Londonderry Air")

Essential Bebop Lines

Jazz Guitar virtuoso Eric Assarsson teaches 15 of his essential bebop lines. All the licks are incredibly useful and a great addition to your Jazz vocabulary! You'll get TABs and notation for all the examples, and the lesson is filmed using two cameras so that you can see and hear everything very clearly! Let's play!

Fast Guitar Licks VOL 1

Do you sometimes tense up when trying to play fast on the guitar? This is THE lesson for you! We're learning how to develop speed without having to play alternate picking. You’ll learn KEY pull-off techniques and lines that enables us to play faster, but with lower physical effort.

Fingerstyle basics

Learn the basics of fingerstyle guitar. You will learn from the fingerstyle master Emil Ernebro

Fingerstyle Blues

In this ONE HOUR lesson, we're focusing on the "Fingerstyle Blues"! The lesson is divided into three parts, and you'll learn three different versions and levels of the Fingerstyle Blues. The goal is to be able to blend the different versions and add your own ideas to the arrangements. You get clear explanations for every note in these arrangements, and you get TABs and notation as well! Let's play!

Fingerstyle Jazz Comping VOL 1

We're diving into Fingerstyle Jazz Comping, and you'll learn how to make your guitar sound like a whole rhythm section, playing the bass line, "piano" part and even some percussion - all at once!

Folsom Prison Blues

Learn how to play Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash using fingerstyle technique

Harp Harmonics

Learn this interesting and useful guitar technique!

Harp Harmonics VOL 2

In this almost two hour long video lesson, you'll learn everything you need to know about "Harp Harmonics"! We learn some amazing techniques and how to use them in context, and we also talk about altered chords, great progressions, diminished sounds and much more! You'll also get TABs for all the examples, licks and exercises!

Improvisation level 1

Broaden your improvising horizon on the guitar!

Improvisation Level 2

Do you feel a bit stuck when you improvise? And do you find it hard to get out of your old habits of playing mostly pentatonic scales and licks? Then this lesson is for you! In this one hour video lesson, we're learning how to really use the modes from the major scale, and we learn how to bring out those interesting flavors in the moment, when we improvise.

Intro to Traditional Irish Music

The "Intro to Traditional Irish Music" is THE guitar lesson when it comes to learning how to play Irish music on the guitar! Shane Hennessy teaches all you need to know about the "Jig", "Slip Jig" and the "Reel"! We're learning both the melody and the accompaniment for three traditional songs that will open up a new world of music for you! You'll also get TABs and notation for all the songs and examples! Let's play!

Introduction to Slide Guitar

The incredible Ariel Posen joins us for our new lesson "Introduction to Slide Guitar"! In this lesson you'll learn how to get started, and you'll get the foundation that will open up the door to the wonderful world of Slide Guitar. You'll get TAB/notation for every exercise and example. Let's SLIDE!


In this new lesson, we're learning how to play great sounding moving bass lines over the Jazz Blues form! Are you tired of playing the old standard blues rhythm guitar, and want to dig a little deeper? Then this is the lesson for you! We'll learn the Jazz Blues in several different keys, and how to play and create amazing sounding bass lines through the progressions! Tabs and notation for all the examples! Let's jam!

Jazz Up Your Blues

This lesson will help you to get out of the old habits when your soloing. Instead of getting stuck in the pentatonic scales, you'll be given the tools that enables you to add a lot of nice Jazz flavours to your Blues solos!

Open String Licks

Add some spice to playing!

Open String Licks VOL 2

In this video, we focus on open string licks ans ideas that will help to make your solos more interesting! We're learning 40 different open string licks, and 2 guitar solos. The guitar solos demonstrates how you can utilize these licks in your own solos. You get accurate notation and TAB for all the examples and solos in this video, and you also get backing tracks!

Rhythm Changes Soloing Concepts

"Rhythm Changes" is one of the most common progressions in Jazz music. The pattern is also one of the most common vehicles for improvisation, and in this lesson you'll learn some great lines and solos that will open up your Jazz improvisation!

Right Hand Technique

This is the ultimate guitar lesson for fingerstyle players that want to develop their right hand technique for single line playing. It doesn't matter if you're using a thumb pick and fingers, thumb nail and fingers or hybrid picking - all the exercises, licks and ideas in this lesson will help you to develop YOUR right hand technique. It's an in-depth 75 minute video lesson that includes clear TABs and notation with fingering indications for both hands. Let's level up our playing! You'll learn: * Essential right hand techniques * Right hand efficiency * How to play fast lines * Arpeggio workouts * Alternating between index finger and thumb pick * Triplet rolls using thumb and two fingers * Effective ways to use slides, hammer-ons & pull-offs * Sweeping using index finger * Interesting licks and exercises

Salty Dog Rag

In this lesson, we're learning the great fingerpicking standard "Salty Dog Rag"! You'll not only learn the actual fingerstyle arrangement, but you're also going to learn one of Emil's solos, as well as improvisation tools for you to use when you improvise! Scales, arpeggios and much more! Tab is included in the lesson! Let's pick!

String Bending Concepts

"String Bending Concepts" is the ideal lesson if you want to learn how to really use string bending on the guitar! The wonderful guitarist and teacher David Henriksson shows you 10 different concepts on how you can use bends to create amazing licks and ideas. The licks and concepts can be used in almost any genre of music! TABs, notation and backing tracks is included in the lesson!

Thats Alright Mama

Learn this fun and fast fingerpicking arrangement!

The Boom-Chick Shuffle

In this lesson, the amazing virtuoso guitarist Joe Robinson teaches his song “The Boom-Chick Shuffle”! The song features some great techniques and ideas that will open up your fingerstyle playing and help you to level up as a guitarist. The lesson is filmed using two cameras so that you can see both hands clearly, and you also get accurate TABs and notation as well. Have fun!

The Entertainer

Learn the wonderful rag time classic "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin! This Emil Ernebro arrangement has a bit of everything! It's fingerpicking, blues and jazz - all in one! You get TABs/notation for the song as well, and we added a camera with a close up view of the right hand!

The Wellerman

The old "sea shanty" called "The Wellerman" went viral on social media over the past few months. The song is usually not played as an instrumental, but this solo fingerpicking arrangement is incredibly fun to play! We added some banjo style rolls to make it even more interesting! Enjoy! * Accurate TAB & notation * Multiple camera angels * High quality audio * Slow down the lesson when practicing

Visa från Utanmyra

Learn this wonderful and hauntingly beautiful fingerstyle arrangement of the iconic song "Visa från Utanmyra"! This Swedish classic has both some Jazz and Folk music in it, and it is a perfect song to add to your solo repertoire!

Voice Leading VOL 1

In this lesson, you'll learn KEY concepts on how to use voice leading in your guitar playing. You'll be able to move through chord progressions in a beautiful way using the ideas taught in this lesson. This video will take your chordal playing to a whole new level!

Walking Bass Lines

It's all about that BASS!