Explore the world of Jazz with our curated Jazz Lessons. Delve into some great Jazz phrases in '15 Jazz Lines' (across multiple volumes), perfect your Bebop phrasing with 'Bebop Phrasing Vol. 1 and 2,' and unravel the brilliance of 'Charlie Parker Lines' in two distinct volumes. Elevate your understanding of essential Bebop with 'Essential Bebop Lines' and refine your fingerstyle technique with 'Fingerstyle Jazz Comping Vol. 1.' Jazz up your blues with some wonderful and useful concepts in 'Jazz Up Your Blues' and master the art of soloing in 'Rhythm Changes Soloing Concepts.' Whether you're a jazz enthusiast or looking to add a touch of jazz to your repertoire, these lessons offer a comprehensive journey into the diverse and expressive world of Jazz guitar playing. Let's learn!


15 great Jazz Lines! You'll learn how to use "JAZZ TOOLS" like chromatics, superimposing arpeggios, playing "outside", outlining changes, interesting techniques, jazz scales and much much more! This 70 minute lesson will improve your knowledge and make you become a better jazz guitarist!


You can find the I VI II V chord progression in almost every jazz standard out there! This is why we focus on learning how to play over those chord changes in this 73 minute lesson! TAB, notation and backing tracks is included! Here we go!


This one hour lesson is a "must-have" for everyone who wants to become a great improviser in Jazz! 

Bebop Phrasing Vol 1

Learn the basics of Bebop Guitar from one of the best!

Bebop Phrasing VOL 2

Get the essential tools to unlock the bebop language!

Charlie Parker Lines VOL 1

One of the best ways to become a better improviser is to study the masters. Charlie Parker is one of the most influential and incredible Jazz musicians that ever walked this earth, and in this lesson we're going to learn some of his most useful lines in C major. Enjoy!

Charlie Parker Lines VOL 2

Learn essential Charlie Parker lines to become a better Jazz guitarist!

Essential Bebop Lines

The "Essential Bebop Lines" lesson will help you to discover and learn new Jazzy sounds that are incredibly useful when improvising!

Fingerstyle Jazz Comping VOL 1

Learn chords, bass lines, syncopated rhythms and the technique needed to make your guitar sound like a whole band!

Jazz Up Your Blues

This lesson will help you to get out of the old habits when your soloing. Instead of getting stuck in the pentatonic scales, you'll be given the tools that enables you to add a lot of nice Jazz flavours to your Blues solos!

Rhythm Changes Soloing Concepts

Learn the chords, great sounding lines, and how to approach the bebop style and the Rhythm Changes progression! Open up your playing!