Theory and Concepts

Explore music theory and interesting concepts with our 'Theory and Concepts' category. From learning about arpeggios and chord inversions to diving into fingerstyle arranging and country soloing, these lessons cover the essentials of "Arpeggios," "Arranging For Fingerstyle Guitar," "Chord Inversions," "Country Guitar Soloing Concepts," "Melodic Chordal Movement VOL. 1," "Improvisation Level 1," "Improvisation Level 2," "Jazz Blues Moving Bass Lines," "Voice Leading Vol. 1," "Voice Leading Vol. 2," "Walking Bass Lines," and "Intro To Traditional Irish Music." Whether you're a beginner or looking to expand your musical horizons, these lessons provide a solid foundation to enhance your guitar knowledge and creativity.


Are you ready for some arpeggio workout!? You'll learn about all the different arpeggios, and how to use them when you're improvising!

Arranging For Fingerstyle Guitar

Are you ready to learn some great arranging tools and to become a great arranger for solo guitar? In this lesson you'll find many techniques and ideas that will guide you in the right direction! You'll also learn a wonderful and interesting arrangement of "Amazing Grace" in this lesson!

Chord Inversions

It's easy to feel stuck sometimes when it comes to chords. This lesson will take your playing to a new level, with many many new chords and inversions!

Country Guitar Soloing Concepts

Learn how to REALLY use chromatics, mixolydian modes, pentatonic scales and more!

Improvisation Level 1

Do you want to learn more about how to improvise on the guitar? This is the lesson for you! We give you all the tools that you need to be able to improvise, and we also include TABs and notation for all the songs and examples!

Improvisation Level 2

Master the modes and the major scale, and become a better improviser!

Intro to Traditional Irish Music

The "Intro to Traditional Irish Music" is THE guitar lesson when it comes to learning how to play Irish music on the guitar!


Learn how to play and create amazing sounding moving bass lines over the Jazz Blues in several different keys! This is the ultimate Jazz Blues lesson!

Melodic Chordal Movement Vol 1

Elevate your chordal playing on the guitar!

Voice Leading VOL 1

In this lesson, you'll learn KEY concepts on how to use voice leading in your guitar playing. You'll be able to move through chord progressions in a beautiful way using the ideas taught in this lesson.

Voice Leading Vol 2

Dive into the world of Voice Leading!

Walking Bass Lines

Get all the tools you need to create a great sounding moving bass line for your song or arrangement! Let's swing it! 

Chord Substitution

Welcome to the world of chord substitution! This lesson explores enhancing chord progressions and melodies with alternative chords to elevate your playing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, unlock the secrets of chord substitutions to spice up your playing!