Licks and Tricks

Unlock a world of creativity with our 'Licks and Tricks' lessons! Gain insights from the greats with 'Learning From The Masters,' explore the art of counterpoint with 'Counterpoint Licks,' and add flair to your playing with speed in 'Fast Guitar Licks VOL. 1.' Experiment with the unique sound of open strings in 'Open String Licks' and further expand your repertoire with the second volume, 'Open String Licks Vol. 2.' Whether you're seeking inspiration, technique, or a blend of both, these lessons provide a diverse toolkit of licks and tricks to elevate your guitar playing to new heights.

Counterpoint Licks

Learn these wonderful counterpoint licks that will add an extra dimension to your playing!

Fast Guitar Licks VOL 1

Want to be able to play fast? Learn these KEY pull-off techniques and lines that enables us to play faster, but with lower physical effort.

Learning From The Masters VOL 1

This lesson delves into iconic guitar licks and lines from some of the greatest guitar players in the world. Acoustic guitar virtuoso Emil Ernebro helps you to incorporate the ideas into your playing, and you'll have new valuable additions to your musical toolbox!

Learning From The Masters VOL 2

In this lesson, we're diving into incredible lines and ideas from some of the greatest guitarists ever. We're learning the concepts behind each idea so that we'll be able to be creative and create our own ideas.

Open String Licks

Are you ready to learn some great lines and ideas to spice up your solos? In this lesson we're diving into the world of open string licks!

Open String Licks VOL 2

After learning some of these, you will be able to use them in the moment when you're soloing. No matter what style of music, these Open String Licks will add a lot of spice to your playing, and make improvising even more fun!