Beginner course

Wanna learn how to play the guitar? This is the course for you! Start for free!

How to Change Your Acoustic Guitar Strings

We made a video showing you the BEST way to change strings on your steel string acoustic! Hope you like it!

Beginner Course STEP 1

Wanna learn how to play the guitar? This is the video for you! "4 chords that will change your life"! Let's get started!

Beginner Course STEP 2

Take the next step in the Beginner's course, and learn many different ways to pluck the chords using your fingers.

Beginner Course STEP 3

In this beginners course STEP 3, we're going to continue and learn more chords, new techniques, the difference between straight and swing feel, and we're even going to introduce the barré chord! Here we go!

Beginner Course STEP 4

In Beginners course STEP 4, we're digging much deeper into the world of barré chords! This will open up the fretboard and give you the opportunity to play major and minor chords in ANY key!