Dive into the world of guitar techniques with our 'Technique' category. From banjo-style rolls to harp harmonics, slide guitar basics, and concepts like rasgueado, right-hand techniques, and string bending, these lessons provide a diverse exploration of guitar skills. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your technique, these lessons offer a toolkit to enhance your playing in a straightforward way.

Banjo Rolls for Guitar

Once you get some of the "Banjo" techniques under your fingers, you'll be able use these ideas in your own solos, which will make your playing much more interesting! You'll also be able to solo in fast tempos, and it will add a new flavour to your improvising!

Harp Harmonics

This wonderful technique enables you to extend your chords on guitar, and make it sound almost  like a harp or piano!

Harp Harmonics VOL 2

The biggest lesson on "Harp Harmonics" ever made!

Introduction to Slide Guitar

Learn about intonation, vibrato, different kinds of slides, dampening, muting, licks, scale examples and much more in this wonderful Slide Guitar lesson with the incredible Ariel Posen!

Rasgueado For Fingerstyle Guitar

Spice up your solo fingerstyle guitar playing with Flamenco inspired rhythms and percussive ideas!

Right Hand Technique

Would you like to develop your right hand technique? This is the lesson for you!

String Bending Concepts

"String Bending Concepts" will open up a new world of sounds for you! Let's play!

Thumb Independence

Once you've completed all the exercises/songs in this session, you'll be well-prepared to delve into learning any fingerstyle song in this style! Let's learn!

Percussive Fingerstyle

Learn how to add a drum beat and exciting rhythms to your guitar playing, turning it into a one-person band!