Welcome to our Blues Lessons collection. Dive into the lively "Boogie Woogie Blues", refine your fingerpicking technique with "Fingerstyle Blues", and discover the balance of maintaining a steady bass while imporivising on top in "Fingerstyle Blues Soloing". These Lessons are designed to deepen your understanding and elevate your skills in the realm of fingerstyle blues. Enjoy!

Boogie Woogie Blues

The Boogie Woogie Blues is an example on how you can make your guitar sound like a three man band! Playing the bass line, rhythm guitar and percussion all at once! There are so many useful ideas and techniques featured in this lesson, that you can add you your own "bag of tricks"!

Fingerstyle Blues

These three versions of the Fingerstyle Blues is filled with inspiring ideas, licks and techniques!

Fingerstyle Blues Soloing

Learn how to accompany yourself when you're soloing!