One Minute Lessons

Tommy Emmanuel Lick

Here's a CRAZY Tommy Emmanuel Lick in E!

"Pull Off" Lick in A

This is a fun "Pull Off" idea in A. This technique enables us to play fast without having to work hard!

Counterpoint Turnaround

Learn this classic Blues Turnaround that has one line going up, and one line going down at the same time!

The "Jimi Hendrix" Chord

Discover the magic behind the Jimi Hendrix Chord, and how to solo over it!

The Lydian Sound

Learn how to use two simple triads to create the beautiful Lydian Sound!

Open String Lick - Fmaj7

Using a couple of open strings can make it possible for you to move up the guitar neck in a beautiful way!

Banjo Rolls

Learn how to play Banjo Rolls on Guitar!

Stevie Ray Vaughan Lick

Learn how to use open strings and "pull-off's" in a Blues Shuffle, just like the great Stevie Ray!

Fast Open String Lick

This lick really shows how to use open strings together with fretted notes, to be able to fly across the fretboard!

Using Chromatics

Try this idea where we use some chromatics over a regular Em7, to make it a bit more jazzy!

Ending Lick in E

This cool "pull-off" technique is a great tool if you want to play fast!

Counterpoint LICK in E

One of the most iconic Jerry Reed licks of all time! Counterpoint idea... in the key of E!

Open String Lick in A

A fast run using open strings and right hand rolls! Enjoy!

II V I Lick in D major

Learn this "must know" JAZZ LINE in D major!

Major and Minor Pentatonic

If you know the minor pentatonic, you already know the major pentatonic as well! Check this out!

Fast Lick in G

Enjoy this Tony Rice style lick in G major!

Guitar Warm-Up

Great excercise for warming up, and also for learning the arpeggios in the major scale!

Super Fast Lick in E minor

Hope you'll enjoy this fingertwister! Fasten your seatbelts!

Minor Pentatonic Tip

A great little tip for the Pentatonic Maniacs out there! Have fun!

Bebop Lick in F

Here's a great bebop jazz line over F7 in the style of Charlie Parker.

Nails or Fingertip?

Should I use Nails or Fingertip?

Fast Country Lick

A great little SUPER FAST country lick that works perfect over E7, A7, D7 and G!

Nice Chord Shapes

A nice alternative for your II V chord shapes!

Accuracy when playing Harmonics

This is the best way to learn how to get the accuracy when your picking the harmonics!

Awesome Lick in C!

An interesting way of using an open string to quickly change position on the guitar. A fun idea in C major!

Fast Lick in G minor!

We're using the classic "Pentatonic" scale to create this cool fast line in G minor. Enjoy!

WHY Should I learn "Licks"?!

Explaining why it's important to learn licks, riffs and ideas on the guitar. (There are no TABs for this video.)

Ghost Notes!

Demonstrating the Ghost Notes using a great lick in G!

Mixolydian Lick in C!

Using the Mixolydian scale, we're creating this great sounding line over C7.

Cool lick in D!

Bluesy and Jazzy idea in D. Learn how to phrase in the swing style!

Using 6ths!

To learn how to use the 6th intervals on your instrument is essential! Enjoy!

Fun Lick in C!

This ending-idea in C major will make you smile, for sure!

Brent Mason FUN!

Cool fast lick in G from one of the greatest guitarist on the planet, Brent Mason.

Chet Atkins Ending in C

Using two different arpeggios create this cool sound as a way to end your song!

Right Hand Technique

Some interesting thoughts on how to find your own right hand technique! (There are no TABs for this video.)

Paisley Magic!

The Country guitarist Brad Paisley is one of the greatest on this planet. Check out this lick that is a typical Paisley idea!

Add some SPICE to your licks!

This technique is used by master guitarists like Tommy Emmanuel, and it's a cool way to create some dynamics in your playing. (There are no TABs for this video.)

Larry Carlton Turnaround

A really interesting Turnaround a la Larry Carlton!

Interesting Strum Technique

A wonderful strum technique to really make chords sound beautiful! (There are no TABs for this video.)

Open Run in E

A fast "Open String" lick in E!

II V I in Bb

Learn this great lick over a II V I in Bb. It's kind of a bebop line, and in the style of Charlie Parker!

Bluesy Turnaround

Enjoy this bluesy turnaround in the style of Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins!

Bossa Nova Fun!

The Bossa Nova rhythm is a "must-know" for any guitarist, and here's a idea to try out!

Fun Jazzy Swing Lick

Enjoy this great jazzy swing lick in C!

Do you know your Triads?

Build a great foundation and knowledge about the triads on the guitar!

Jazzy Intro in C

Emil explains how you can create a great sounding intro for your Jazz arrangement!