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EASY Voice Leading TRICKS for Guitar

Learn these EASY Voice Leading concepts to spice up your progressions in a beautiful way!

Transcribing this AMAZING Harmonica Solo

In this video, we're transcribing an incredible Harmonica Solo from Swedish harmonica sensation Filip Jers!

The Altered Scale

In this lesson, we're talking about the Altered Scale, and how we can use it!

Reharmonization: BACK CYCLING

In this lesson, we're learning how we can add more interesting chords and harmony using the concept "Back Cycling". One of the most effective "tools" to use when you're re-harmonizing a song!

Secondary Dominants & Flat Five Substitutions

In this lesson, we continue to explore the world of harmony, and we learn how to use secondary dominants and flat five substitutions. This lesson is a good compliment to our previous lesson "Diatonic Chord Substitution".

Diatonic Chord Substitution

Do you want to learn how to substitute chords and add some interesting harmony to the song you're playing? This is the lesson for you!


Mandolin maestro Erik Igelström joins us for a wonderful interview! Have fun!


Let us introduce you to the wonderful Irish guitar virtuoso Shane Hennessy!


Enjoy this interview with the Jazz Bebop virtuoso guitarist Eric Assarsson!

How To Choose A Thumb Pick!

This video is all about Thumb Picks, and how you can find the one that works for you!

Fingding THE best guitar tone togehter!

In this video, we're trying out some different microphones to find the best tone together!


We're happy to share the interview with Harmonica World Champion Filip Jers! Enjoy!


We're so happy to announce the 2nd interview here at the ProGuitar Academy! The Guitar Maestro Zarek Silberschmidt!


The first interview on this website features the great Joe Robinson!

Groovy Blues

Learn this cool Groovy Blues, and get your thumb even more independent from your fingers!

The Moving Bass Line Technique

Here's a good addition to the "Walking Bass Lines" video! In this one, we're focusing on the actual technique when we're playing moving bass lines!