Folsom Prison Blues - Fingerstyle

Learn how to play Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash using fingerstyle technique

This is a step by step lesson, teaching you how to play the popular song Folsom Prison Blues. The song was written in 1953 by Johnny Cash and first recorded two years later. Enjoy playing this arrangement by Emil Ernebro.

Folsom Prison Blues part 1 of 5

Emil plays through his awesome arrangement of the Folsom Prison Blues. This is the arrangement you will learn in this five part video series where you will learn how to play this beautiful arrangement.

It is a quite tricky song, so make sure that you take it slow and learn the song bar by bar. Don't be afraid to move forth and back in the videos and move between concepts if you feel stuck. We hope you will have fun with this one!

Folsom Prison Blues part 2 of 5

Emil walks you through the first melody part of the fingerstyle arrangement. The song has a few familiar licks for you to practice and the boom chuck pattern from the previous videos here on

Folsom Prison Blues part 3 of 5

In this section, Emil starts with a recap of the first part of the song and then he walks you through the rest of the melody which concludes the first part of the song. In the second part of this video we move over to the solo part of the song.

Folsom Prison Blues part 4 of 5

In this video we keep working on the solo part of the Folsom Prison Blues. After the solo we play the melody once more. After following this video you will have a quite large part of the song figured out.

Folsom Prison Blues part 5 of 5

This is the last part of this video series. The focus is on the outro. Once you have nailed the outro you have the whole song figured out, including melody, solo and outro! Have fun learning this beautiful piece!